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                      PacePackPadPad awayPad upPad-batPaddlePairPartnership,

Part-time bowlerPavilionPeachPenalty runsPickPick-upPie chuckerPinch-hitter,

Pink ball cricketPitchPitch damagePitch of the ballPlacePlayPlay and miss,

Play inPlayed onPlayerPlaying areaPlaying conditionsPlumbPointPop,

Popping creasePouchPowerplayProtected areaPuddingPullPunchPushPut in,

Put onPut up the shutters

RabbitRainRain affectedReadRearRed ball cricketReferralRefereeRemove,

ReplacementReplacement ballReplyRest dayResultResult pitchRetiredReturn,

Return catchReturn creaseReverse sweepReverse swingRight-armerRight-hander

RingRollerRollingRopeRotateRoughRound the wicketRunRun chase,

RunnerRun savingRun-upRun outRun rate