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Maiden overManhattanMankadMan of the matchMarkMarking the pitchMarillier shotMatchMatch awardedMatch conceded,

Match fixingMatch refereeMCCMeatMedium-pacedMiddleMiddle & legMiddle orderMid-offMid-on,

Mid-wicketMilitary mediumMis-cueMisfieldMissMiss outMoveMovementMowing

Neck and cropNegative bowlingNelsonNetsNeutral umpiresNew ballNickNightwatchmanNo ballNominated team,

Non-strikerNot on strikeNot outNudgeNurdle

Obstructing the batsmanObstructing the fieldOccupy the creaseOff driveOff-breakOff-cutterOff sideOff spinOn driveOn side,

On strikeOne-dayerOne legOne over eliminatorOne shortOOPSEOpenOpen the faceOpenerOpening batOrthodoxOut,

Out cricketOutfieldOutside edgeOut-swingOverOver pitchedOver-rateOver the topOvers limitationOvers lostOver the wicket,