A partnership is an expression of the total number of runs that have accrued to the batting side since the two batsmen came together at the wicket.

This does not mean just the runs scored by each batsman, but the total of all runs, including those for No balls, Wides, Byes, Leg byes and any Penalty runs that may have been awarded.
Partnerships are often celebrated at important milestones - when two batsmen have put on 50 or 100 runs, and so on.
New world records for total score, partnership and winning margin in a limited-overs match were set recently in fine style when Indian schoolboys Manoj Kumar (320 not out off 127 balls) and Shaibaz Tumbi (324 not out from 116), put up an astonishing 721 runs off just forty overs! The 721 total included 77 extras but, remarkably, not one boundary 6. They were playing for St Peter's High School against St. Philip's High School in Hyderabad. St Philips, who batted second, were obviously exhausted following this breathtaking display of batting. Dismissed for only 21 runs they therefore lost by 700 runs, thereby setting another record - for the biggest losing margin in this type of cricket.