The side that scores the most runs in a cricket match, whether it's of one or two innings each, wins it. If it's the side fielding last, their win is stated in runs, for example - side A score 243 in their innings in a single-innings match, then dismiss side B for only 67. Side A have therefore won the match by 176 runs (243 - 67 = 176).
If the side batting last score more than the other without losing all 10 wickets, their win is described in terms of the number of wickets left to fall. So, if team A score 243 for 6 wickets in their innings and team B score 244 for the loss of 8 wickets, the result will be stated as a win for side B by 2 wickets.
Other possible - though uncommon - forms of result are Tie, Match Conceded, Match Awarded and a win by Penalty runs, all of which are described under those headings.