Playing conditions

Organisers will frequently specify their own playing conditions, special regulations, or competition regulations for a match, competition, league, series and so on. These conditions may be additional to the Laws or amendments to them.
Common examples of such conditions or regulations include stipulating the minimum number of overs to be bowled in each innings, or in a day's play; a time limit within which a specified number of overs must be bowled; setting a limitation on the number of overs each bowler is permitted to bowl; age restrictions on the players taking part (under-19s, over-40s, etc), the award of a Free hit etc.
Playing conditions or special arrangements for certain matches - sometimes called match conditions - are not a recent innovation. The Victorians were fond of devising unusual types of matches - single men v. married men, smokers v. non-smokers, even one-legged v. one-armed teams!