Health & Safety


    The job of umpiring a cricket match at any level can be daunting because of

      the number of Laws to understand and apply

      playing conditions to remember

      umpiring techniques to perfect

      different personalities with which to interact

      pressure of the match situation

      and the challenge of important decisions to be made

    However deep may be your knowledge of the Laws of Cricket, however wide may be your experience, however good may be your feel for the game, your umpiring ability will suffer unless you can maintain a constant high level of focus and concentration throughout a match.

    If you allow your concentration to lapse for a short time, something will happen in the game that will exploit your lapse. You may be caught out of position for a close run out decision or interpret a Law incorrectly or fail to see an infringement

    The ability to put all other thoughts aside and focus entirely on the match is what separates the best umpires from the rest