Leg theory, Bodyline

During the 1932 - 33 England tour of Australia, the England captain, Douglas Jardine, employed the speed and skill of opening bowler Harold Larwood to limit the run-making ability of the great Don Bradman

The method - Jardine called it Leg Theory - was not new; it had been used in a previous series and involved the bowler directing the ball towards the batsman in the hope that a defensive shot would provide a catch for one of the 5 or 6 fielders close to the wicket on the leg side

Even though it was not used as ruthlessly and relentlessly as it has been by a number of sides in recent years, there were those at the time who considered it to be against the sporting traditions of the Game and relations between the two countries became somewhat strained by the events

The name Leg Theory has been largely replaced by the more emotive term Bodyline