Caught, pouch

A striker is out Caught if - providing no-one else has touched it since the bowler released it - he hits a fair delivery with his bat and the ball is held by a fielder as a fair catch

There are some conditions that must be satisfied before a catch is considered fair

First, the ball must not touch the ground between the instant the striker hits it and the completion of the catch

Second, the fielder must have control over the ball - it isn't a fair catch if it just pops in and out of his hands and then falls to the ground

Third, the fielder must stay entirely inside the field of play - though he can stretch an arm out over the boundary to catch the ball - just as long as he doesn't touch the boundary with his foot, or anything else, while in contact with the ball

Fourth, the fielder must also have control over his own momentum. So if a fielder runs and catches the ball but is going so fast that his momentum carries him across the boundary, not only is the striker Not out, but he earns a boundary 6!

Even if the batters may have completed a run or two before the ball is caught, no runs count from any strike that results in a catch.