Role of umpire



Safety and welfare
    You should place the safety and welfare of all the participants in the match above all else, particularly young players. Your national Governing Body may have guidelines for the wearing of helmets and protection of young fast bowlers
    You and your colleague must be prepared to accept responsibility for all actions taken during a match. Some of your decisions may be unpopular but do not waver under pressure from the players
    You must never favour one side or one particular player. You must never even appear to do that. This may be difficult when you umpire a match in which the players of one side all know you and those of the other side have never seen you before
Conflict of interest
    Try to avoid any situation that may lead to a situation were you are put under pressure whether real or perceived. In league cricket, some governing bodies will not appoint umpires who have a connection with one of the sides in a match. If your club is in a relegation or promotion situation near the end of the season, you should not umpire any match involving their rivals. Remember to declare your allegiance when you join an umpiring association