Team manager takes charge at the Toss
Owner: D Burns

"Because of heavy traffic, we were all very late arriving at the ground for the match. Our Team manager and only 5 players arrived. The players went to get changed and the manager gave the team sheet to the umpires and tossed up. Is he allowed to do this?"

The Law prevents your manager deputising for the captain but he can present the team sheet to the umpires

Unless League or competition rules say otherwise, the Laws state that, the toss must take place no earlier than 30 minutes nor later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of play The Laws state that any deputy for the captain must be a nominated player, that is, his name must appear on the team sheet and in your situation, the umpires should have gone to the dressing room and insisted that a member of the nominated team is present at the toss

After the toss, any further decisions can only be made by a member of the nominated team, so I hope your Team manager didn't try to decide whether your side should bat or bowl!

A change to Law 13 was also introduced in 2010, and it instructs the person winning the toss to announce his decision to bat or bowl immediately, he cannot go off the field and take time to consult his players

Read more about Law 1 (The players) and Law 13.4 (The innings) at the MCC website