Runner not allowed

Owner: A Newman

"I was watching my local club play an end of season match. One of our side was batting when he pulled a muscle while running for a quick single. He needed a runner and our captain asked me whether I had my whites with me. They were in the car, so I went to get changed but the umpires called me back and said that I could not be a runner. Surely anyone can come one as a substitute?"

Anyone can be a substitute, but a substitute cannot act as a runner. A runner has to be a member of the nominated team - in other words, on the team list given to the umpires before the game starts. He has to wear similar external protective equipment to the batsman for whom he's running, must carry a bat and, where possible, should already have batted in that innings. Within the Spirit of the Cricket, his captain should ensure this runner is not 'the next man in.'

Read more about Law 25 Batsman's innings; runners at the MCC website