Returning the ball

In a recent Under 19s World Cup match, the striker hit the ball which dropped onto the ground near the stumps. He watched the ball to make sure it did not hit the stumps. When the ball had stopped he bent down and picked up the ball which he threw to the wicket-keeper

Somebody appealed and the umpires came together to discuss the situation and referred it to the 3rd umpire who ruled that the striker was out Obstructing the Field. (Note --- Handled the ball is longer part of the Laws since October 2017)

Law 37.4 (Returning the ball to a fielder) states that "Either batsmen is out Obstructing the field if, at any time the ball is in play and without the consent of a fielder, he uses the bat or any part of his person to return the ball to any fielder

The normal actions in this situation are that the batsman leaves the ball alone or waits for a fielder to ask for the ball to be returned to him. Neither action appears to have happened. The umpires should have asked the captain if he wanted to withdraw the appeal If he doesn't, they have no option but to give the batsman out

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