Striker thinks he has not played a shot
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"The batsman pads away a ball offering no shot....the non-striker calls for a run but the batsman on strike says "no, I didn't play a shot" this point a fielder throws the ball at the non-striker's end in an attempted run-out, it misses and goes over the it 4 leg byes or a dead ball? 4 leg byes were given by the player/umpire."

If the ball hits the striker on the person and does not touch his bat, runs can be credited to the batting side only if the umpire is satisfied that the striker has: a) attempted to play the ball with his bat OR b) tried to avoid being hit by the ball

Unless at least one of these conditions is met, the umpire will call and signal Dead ball and disallow all runs as soon as one run is completed or the ball reaches the boundary. Either batsman can be Run out even if the ball would have been declared Dead had the throw missed

This disallowance applies also to any penalty runs that might be due to the batting side, with the exception of the one run penalty for a NO ball, should that be applicable

The fact that the ball was thrown to the boundary by a fielder does not affect the issue. Whilst it is interesting that the striker himself felt that no runs were justified, the umpire on the day will have made his own decision with all the facts before him

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