Late appeal

"In a recent friendly match, we were taking turns to umpire for a few overs. On the last ball of an over, when it was my turn to umpire, the bowler had the batsman plumb LBW. Amazingly, no-one appealed. I then called Over and started off towards square leg. I had almost reached there when the wicket-keeper suddenly asked 'How's that for LBW, umpire?' I thought that too much time had now elapsed since the occurrence, so I turned down the appeal. Was this correct?"

No. An appeal can be made at any time after an occurrence, providing the bowler has not begun his run-up or, in the very rare eventuality that he doesn't use a run-up, his bowling action, for the next delivery. The fact that Over has been called does not invalidate an appeal, but a call of Time would do so.

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