Caught off Keeper's helmet

"I was watching a game in which a spinner was extracting a lot of lift from the pitch. The batsman hit one ball straight upwards. The wicket-keeper, standing up, was so startled by this that he failed to take the ball, which hit his helmet and bounced back off it into his gloves. He promptly appealed for the catch, which was not given.

Seeing the non-striker out of his ground, the 'keeper then threw down the non-striker's wicket, to be rewarded by a Run out decision. Comments please"

A fair catch cannot be made if the delivery had previously come into contact with a helmet being worn by a fielder. But the ball does not become dead just because it has hit a fielder's helmet while being worn, so, if the non-striker was out of his ground, as apparently happened here, the Run out was fair.

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