Bowled whilst running

Sometimes when you are umpiring and standing at square leg, an incident occurs which causes you to say "I wonder what would have happened if .......?"

An incident that 'nearly' happened is described below, what would have been the decision if it had?

A legitimate ball is played by the striker into the ground, where it remains stationary just on the edge of the pitch about 8 foot outside the popping crease

The batsmen run a quick single, and decide to run a 2nd when they notice that neither the bowler nor any fielders have bothered to go and field the ball. This incenses the bowler who sprints down beside the striker, hoping to kick the ball onto the stumps to effect a run out

Instead, and purely accidentally, as both the striker and bowler approach the stationary ball, the striker accidentally kicks the ball onto the stumps, and it removes the bails while he is out of his ground. At no point, has anybody from the fielding side actually touched the ball since it was delivered!

The fielding side appeal!

You are the umpire! ... And everyone is awaiting your decision!

Law 32 says that the striker cannot be out Bowled if before striking the wicket the ball has been in contact with another player or an umpire. This indicates that, provided no other person has come into contact with the ball, the striker would be out Bowled if he knocked the ball on to the wicket at any time while it was in play In theory at least, this could happen while he is trying to complete a second run and the completed run(s) would not count. Of course, this is not likely, but the Laws do cover many unlikely scenarios

(In our 'nearly' incident the ball missed the stumps after it had been kicked!!)

Read more about Law 32 (Bowled) at the MCC website