Bail stayed on
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A freak delivery in a Melbourne cricket match left the umpires and players completely stumped

Jatinder Singh was bowled during a Mooney Valley cricket match, but as he turned to confirm his dismissal, he found the bails still intact and suspended in mid-air and the middle stump lay on the ground

“We had no idea what the actual ruling on it was, but we all admired it for a few minutes and somebody took a picture on their mobile ‘phone”, said Moonee Valley captain Michael Ozbun and the teams decided among themselves that Singh was out, with the umpires unable to make a ruling

The cricketing community were equally bowled over by the physics-defying occurrence, with one commenter writing on Facebook: 'Certainly out. Both requirements for the wicket to be down have been met.'
Another disagreed, saying 'The correct decision is actually not out at the ruling is that in order to be dismissed, the bails must be dislodged.'
One man said the rules weren't important, but that he should walk out of pride

The decision to dismiss Mr Singh turned out to be the correct one, as Law 28 of the MCC rules states: ‘The wicket is put down if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps, or a stump is struck out of the ground.’

Read more about Law 29 (The wicket is down) at the MCC website