Where was the 3rd umpire?

The overthrow incident in the recent World Cup final has been discussed on media sites and in international press

Surely reference to the 3rd umpire would have helped the 2 on-field umpires to make the correct decision - did they consult with the 3rd umpire? The umpires could have been caught up in the excitement of the game and forgot to watch the fielder who was throwing the ball and the positions of the running batsmen

The overthrow Law is part of the Boundaries Law (19.8) and relates to the instant of the throw . The 3rd umpire must have had the position of the batsmen and the fielder on one of the screens. Could he have related the information to the umpires without their request?

Incidentally, if Stokes had deliberately hit the ball with his bat, he would have been given out Obstructing the field.