Quotes 2

  "I understand cricket - what's going on, the scoring - but I can't understand why" Bill Bryson (Author)

“Believe it or not, cricket was my first love. I would genuinely have swapped the dream of a winning goal at Wembley for a century against the Australians at Lord's" Brian Clough (Football Manager)

“One-day cricket is an exhibition. Test cricket is an examination" Henry Blofeld (Commentator)

“You don’t win or lose the games because of the 11 you select. You win or lose with what those 11 do on the field” Rahul Dravid

“First of all, convince yourself that you are the best because the rest of your life is going to go proving this to others” Wasim Akram

“Every batsman surveys the field before taking strike, and usually the fielders get imprinted on his mind. They can almost see every fielder in their mind’s eye. But in my head, I don’t see the fielders. I only see the gaps!” Ricky Ponting

“Welcome to Worcester where you’ve just missed seeing Barry Richards hitting one of Basil D’Oliveira’s balls clean out of the ground” Brian Johnson (Commentator)