Laws of Cricket - Quiz 7

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1.A batsman has been within his ground and has subsequently left it to avoid injury when the wicket is put down by wicket keeper receiving a throw from a fielder. On appeal your action is to declare the batsman
(Select one answer)

a) Out - Stumped
b) Out - Run out
c) Not out
d) Out - Obstructing the field

2. When does the innings for the opening batsmen commence?
(Select one answer)

a) When they step on the field of play
b) At the call of "Play"
c) As soon as the bowler statrs his run up
c) When the first ball is delivered

3. The batsmen have completed the first run and crossed each other during the second run at the instant the ball crossed the boundary line. How many runs are allowed?
(Select one answer)
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
c) 2

4. If one of the captains is not available during the period that the toss should be made, who is allowed to make the toss?
(Select one answer)
a) Any member of the nominated team
b) The vice-captain
c) Anyone connected to the team
c) The team manager

5. The striker plays a defensive shot and the ball lodges in the top of his pad. He picks the ball out of his pad and drops it on the ground and hits it back to the bowler. There is an appeal, what should the umpire do?
(Select one answer)
a) Give the batsman Out - Obstructing the field
b) Give the batsnman Out - Handled the ball
c) Give the batsman Out - Hit the ball twice
d) Answer the appeal Not out