Laws of Cricket - Quiz Two

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1. A match starts at 1.00pm. A member of the fielding side arrives late and takes the field at 1.30pm. What is the earliest time he can be permitted to bowl?
(Select one answer)

a) 1.30pm
b) 1.50pm
c) 2.00pm
d) 2.30pm

2. What is the latest time that the toss can take place before the scheduled or any re-scheduled time for the match to start?
(Select one answer)

a) 10 minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) 20 minutes
d) 30 minutes

3. After the 3rd ball of an over, the bowler injures himself and is unable to continue. A substitute fielder comes onto the field. What happens now?
(Select one answer)
a) Ignore the unfinished over and start another one at the other end
b) The over is completed by the substitute fielder
c) The over is completed by a nominated player who did not bowl the previous over
d) The over is completed by any member of the fielding side

4. Umpires may allow an injured batsman to have a runner from the nominated players of the batting side. The batting side have lost 1 wicket. Who should act as the runner?
(Select one answer)
a) Batsman number 4
b) The player who has already batted
c) Batsman 9, 10 or 11
d) A player who is a specialist batsman

5.The striker hits the ball a 2nd time with his bat when the ball rolls towards his wicket. How should the umpire respond to an appeal?
(Select one answer)
a) Out, Hit the ball twice
b) Call and signal "Dead ball"
c) Award 5 runs to the fielding side
d) Not out