Laws of Cricket - Quiz Three

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1. A member of the fielding side sprains an ankle during the lunch interval and cannot return to the field. Who must agree to the use of a substitute fielder, or might one be denied?
(Select one answer)

a) Batting captain
b) Both umpires
c) Both umpires and the batting captain
d) Substitute denied because injury was not sustained on the field of play

2. The ball is hit to the outfield and the batsmen run. After they have crossed on their second run, a fielder gathers the ball and throws it towards the bowler's end wicket. The throw is off target and the ball runs to the boundary, by which time the batsmen have completed three runs. How many runs are scored from that delivery?
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a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

3. The striker tries to avoid being hit by a No ball, but makes no attempt to hit it with his bat. The ball hits him on his shoulder, is missed by the wicket-keeper and then hits a fielder's helmet that has been placed on the ground behind the wicket-keeper. How many runs, if any, are added to the total?
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a) 0
b) 1
c) 5
d) 6

4.A ball delivered by the bowler bounces up towards the striker's face. He knocks the ball away with his hand that is not holding the bat. On appeal, what is the umpire's decision?
(Select one answer)
a) Out, Handled the ball
b) Not out
c) Out, Obstructing the field

5. In a match between two sides in one of the lower league competitions, each captain has given the umpires his list of nominated players. One captain named only ten players saying that he was unable to find an eleventh player. An hour after the match had started, that same captain (his side were fielding) noticed one of his fellow club members beyond the boundary. He asked the umpires whether this person would be allowed to play. What should they tell him?
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a) No, the match has started
b) Yes, but only as a substitute fielder, not as a full member of the side
c) Yes, as a full member of the side, but only if the batting captain agrees
d) Yes, as a full member of the side, no need to ask anyone else