Laws of Cricket - Quiz Six

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1. The striker hits a No ball and it lands on the line which marks the boundary. How many runs are scored?
(Select one answer)
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

2. The bowler accidently knocks the bails off the stumps whilst delivering the ball, what should the umpire do?
(Select one answer)

a) Call and signal "Dead ball"
b) Re-make the wicket immediately
c) Re-make the wicket when the ball is Dead
d) Call and signal "No ball"

3. When, according to the Laws, must each captain nominate his team?
(Select one answer)
a) Before the toss for innings
b) They do not have to nominate a side
c) After the toss has been made
d) The day before the match

4. Who holds the sole responsibility for determining whether the pitch is fit for play to take place
(Select one answer)
a) The Groundsman
b) The Captains
c) The Umpires
d) The Club Chairman

5. What is the maximum time allowed for rolling the pitch during a match?
(Select one answer)

a) 5 minutes
b) 7 minutes
c) 10 minutes
d) No time limit