Bowler, bowling, bowl, right-armer, left-armer

The bowler is the player who delivers the ball to the striker and bowling is the process of doing this.
The ball must be bowled and not thrown. Bowlers' deliveries are grouped into sets of six, each known as an over. Sometimes an over will consist of more than six deliveries if the bowler bowls one or more No balls or Wides or the umpire is obliged to penalise the fielding side in certain ways.
A bowler is not allowed to deliver two overs or part-overs consecutively. If a bowler cannot complete an over, perhaps through injury, or is taken off by the umpire for some misdemeanour, the over must be completed by another member of the fielding side, but not the fielder who bowled the previous over nor the one who is to bowl the next one.

The bowler may deliver the ball with his right arm (Right-armer) or his left arm (Left-armer)