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Returning the ball (21 January)

Obstructing the field

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Run out with elbow

MCC Laws animations Updated

The Laws of Cricket have been comprehensively re-written by the MCC for introduction in October 2017 in Southern Hemisphere countries. The Northern Hemisphere countries will introduce the new Laws in summer 2018
A summary of the changes is available and all the web pages have now been amended to incorporate the appropriate Law changes and 4 quizzes have been uploaded (17 December)

Cricket clubs and leagues are always in need of more cricket umpires to stand in their matches displaying knowledge of the Laws of Cricket and gaining the respect of players and officials. This online umpiring training site will give you the confidence to umpire recreational matches and gain on-the-field experience which will help you to progress along your desired umpiring pathway.

The site will be useful to
        existing umpires who may want to use it for revision purposes
        aspiring umpires who cannot attend a class-room based training course
        the cricket fan who wants to see explanations of the Laws of Cricket

Section 1 concentrates on the 42 Laws of Cricket sub-divided into 6 Modules with special emphasis on those Laws most likely to be administered during a cricket match.

         Module 1- Spirit of Cricket, Players, Umpires, Scorers, Ball, Bat, Pitch, Creases, Wickets, Preparation of pitch, Covering, Interval, Start & cessation of play

         Module 2- Innings, Follow-on, Declaration, Result

         Module 3- Over, Scoring runs, Boundaries, Dead ball, No ball, Wide ball, Bye & leg bye

         Module 4- Fielder's absence & Substitutes, Batsman's innings & Runners, Practice on the field, Wicket-keeper, Fielder

         Module 5- Wicket is down, Batsman out of ground, Appeals, Bowled, Caught, Hit ball twice, Hit wicket, LBW, Run out, Stumped, Timed out

         Module 6- Unfair play, Player's conduct

Throughout the web site there is reference to the MCC Laws of Cricket and the International Cricket Council (ICC) playing regulations.

Section 2 relates to Match Management issues in 5 Modules and is intended to teach you how to apply the knowledge gained in Section 1.

        Module 1 - People management Communication, Conflict, Attitude, Personal presentation

        Module 2 - Health & safety Physical preparation, Protection

        Module 3 - Time management Priorities, Meetings, Report writing

        Module 4 - Stress management Managing conflict, Assertiveness

        Module 5 - Role of the umpire Code of ethics, Fair play, Common sense, Match preparation

As well as a reference site, OUT provides a list of scenarios submitted by viewers of our site and there is a comprehensive glossary of cricketing terms